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Thai Immigration Forms

All You Need To Know About Thai Immigration Forms-

Whether you are a visitor or a long time resident of Thailand; whether you are just entering the country or filing for an extension, you must have encountered filling out one of the many Thai immigration forms.

Here are some of the most common Thai immigration forms and the things you need to know about these forms.

TM6 (Arrival/Departure Card)

Every foreigner entering Thailand is required to fill out the arrival card or what is called TM6.

This form is divided into 2 parts: arrival and departure sections.

When arriving at the airport you will find this form, in English and other languages.

If you are a short term visitor or tourist you need to fill out both arrival and departure sections of the form.

Make sure to provide the visa number if you have a Thai visa in your passport or re-entry permit number if you have a valid re-entry permit. For those entering on the visa exemption stamp, you may leave it blank.

Make sure to provide your hotel address or your address in Thailand as well as your contact number. Fill out the form in advance or you may request your airline staff for this form.

TM6 card (departure section) is one of the main requirements in extending your permit to stay or in changing your visa status in Thailand, so it is important to keep it in your passport or keep it in a safe place.

In case of losing the TM6, you may report to the local immigration office and ask for a replacement.

The TM6 number is required when extending or changing your visa within Thailand.

TM88 (Application for Visa on Arrival)

Foreigners entering Thailand who wish to obtain a visa on arrival valid for 15 days permit to stay should fill out the TM88 form.

It is important to provide the address in Thailand when filling out this form.

This form can be downloaded online or it can be obtained at visa on arrival kiosks at the airport

For Chinese nationals, there is an available Chinese version of this form.

TM86 (Application for Change of Visa)

Foreigners who are currently on a tourist visa (TR) issued by a Thai embassy may change their visa status into a non-immigrant visa such as based on Thai wife or retirement, at the local immigration office in Thailand.

The applicant should use the TM86 form in doing the change of visa.

The applicant who wishes to apply for the change of visa status must have at least 15 days remaining in his or her current permit to stay.

The application fee is 2,000 THB.

TM87 (Application for Visa)

Foreigners who are currently staying in Thailand under the visa exemption stamp (30 days) may actually apply for a visa inside Thailand.

It is applicable for non-immigrant B, O, ED and F categories.

Application for the visa is common for those who were able to find employment during their 30-day stay.

If the applicant is above 50 years old or married to a Thai, they are also able to apply for the nonimmigrant O visa respectively.

It is good to note that the applicant who wishes to apply for the visa must have at least 15 days remaining in his or her current permit to stay.

The application fee is 2,000 THB.

TM7 (Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in the Kingdom)

This is probably one of the most used forms at the immigration office.

This form is used for any extension of permit to stay in Thailand whether for short term or long term extension.

This form is used when you are on a visa exemption (30 days) and a tourist visa (60 days) for an additional 30 days.

This is the form used when you are extending a non-immigrant B visa into a 1-year extension of stay based on employment or when you extend a non-immigrant O visa into a 1-year marriage visa or retirement visa.

When filling out this form, it is important to note that you can request for 7, 30, 60, 90 or 365 days extension depending on the purpose or reason of the extension.

Regardless of the length of the extension, the fee remains at 1,900 THB.

TM8 (Application form Re-Entry Permit into the Kingdom)

Foreigners holding a single entry visa are required to obtain a re-entry permit should they wish to re-enter Thailand on the same visa or permit to stay.

A re-entry permit is also important to those who are on a one-year extension of stay such as working visa, marriage visa or retirement visa.

Failure to obtain a re-entry will void the current permit to stay or extension of stay.

Re-entry permit or TM8 form can be filed at the local immigration office during normal business hours or at the international airport in Bangkok prior to your flight.

The TM8 fee is 1,000 THB for single re-entry and 3,800 THB for multiple re-entry permit.

TM47 (Form for Alien to Notify of Staying Longer than 90 days)

Foreigners who are on an extension-of-stay such as working visa, marriage visa or retirement visa are required to notify the Immigration Office regarding their current residential address every 90 days.

This can be done either by mail or by personal visit to the immigration office.

You may also enlist the services of an agent to do this on your behalf through a Power of Attorney.

If the foreigner has exited Thailand before the 90-day reporting date, the foreigner doesn’t need to report to the immigration office. The new date of 90-day reporting will be reset and it will start upon the date of re-entry to Thailand.

This 90-day reporting is free of charge but failure to do so or late reporting may incur a penalty of 2,000 THB.

TM30 (Notification Form for House Master, or Owner of the Residence where Aliens have stayed)

The filing of this form has been required recently by the immigration office.

In the past, the filing of TM30 has been done by hotels.

Right now, every landlord or house owner needs to report every foreign that they hosted or allowed to stay in their property within 24 hours after the arrival.

The filing of TM30 can be done through a mobile app, online or in person.

A detailed information about this requirement can be found HERE

TM28 (Forms for Aliens to Notify their Change of Address in a Province)

This form should be filed when a foreigner who currently stays in Thailand on a non-immigrant visa or an extension of stay wishes to move from one province to another.

This form should be filed within 24 hours together with the TM30 form.

It is important to file the TM28 and TM30 in your new immigration office because you need the acknowledgment form when you do the 90-day reporting and the visa renewal in the future.

There is no fee in filing the notification but failure to do so may incur a penalty when doing the visa renewal.

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